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by Thos

There are few creatures in the wild that evoke a feeling of magnificence and grandeur much like the prowling smoothness of a black panther. And much like the real-life big cat, Mega888’s Panther Moon is inspired by the ever-elusive feline. 

Indeed, this popular Mega888 game affords you the opportunity to win big — and that’s not an understatement. Finding all 5 of the big black cats, if you’re fortunate enough, will reward you with a massive 900,000 coin windfall. Whereas, there are other smaller prizes for finding flowers and butterflies while you try to collect all 5 panther symbols. 

On the other hand,  the Wild Black Panther icons which appear occasionally will also help you win loads of prizes. And there are also various Scattered Moons to locate to trigger instant big wins as well as a free games bonus which will pay out all prizes at triple the base game value.

The Mega888 Game Dedicated To Nature’s Majestic Feline

At its core, this exclusive Mega888 game is a simple 5×3 slot that players from all ranges of budgets and skill levels may enjoy. At the same time, there’s also a spin-stake that will appeal to the big spenders. And the numerous ways to win are also an alluring aspect of the game. 

As the game is found on Mega888, laptops and desktops are the perfect mediums to play on as the larger screens perfectly encapsulate the beauty of the majestic black panthers. 

To cap off an astounding slot title on Mega888, there are, of course, fun animations involving the wild animal as it interacts with the player to celebrate their win.

The Rewarding Panther Prizes In This Mega888 Slot

As for the rewards, there is a multitude of ways that you can win in Panther Moon. 

From your very first spin, prizes of up to 12,500 coins are up for grabs if you manage to line up the poker symbols, and if you score some beautiful, brightly coloured flowers, you’ll earn up to 25,000 coins instead. Moving on, up to 40,000 coins may be awarded to you if you manage to find some pretty, fluttering butterflies in the game.

However, this Mega888 game wouldn’t be called Panther Moon if its namesake animals didn’t award the highest payout. In this case, landing on the panthers will award a whopping 900,000 coins. But that’s not the only significant role the panther symbols play as they can be used to substitute all base game symbols to create even more winning opportunities. And the doubling of the prizes is just the cherry on top.

Last but not least, the final important piece in this Mega888 exclusive is the moon symbol. Also acting as the game’s scatter symbol, the moon will afford players with prizes up to 450,000 coins for landing all 5 of them on a played line. Additionally, landing at least 3 of the moon icons will also trigger the Free Games bonus which gives players 15 free games to play — and all prizes gained during the free spins will also be tripled.

But if gaining a higher payout is your goal in this slot on Mega888, you don’t actually have to cash out on your prizes when you win. In fact, there’s also the chance of doubling your reward by taking an additional gamble on card predictions. Simply guess whether a flipped card is black or red, if you’re correct, your prize will be doubled! Otherwise, you could even try to double up your prizes for up to 5 times.